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City of Halifax

TripAdvisor named Halifax one of the “Top 10 Global Destinations
on the Rise” in 2018, based on positive traveller reviews.
The review placed Halifax at #4 in the world!

Halifax is a large, coastal region in Nova Scotia, Canada. Surrounded by seascapes and picturesque lakes, Halifax is the perfect balance of hip and historic, with experiences as diverse as the visitor’s imagination. Whether you are looking to sample craft beer or classic lobster, surf North Atlantic swells, or quietly connect with our pristine coastal wilderness, we have memories waiting to be made. Our diverse region is evolving and there’s never been a better time to visit. Come see why everyone is talking about Halifax.
Did You Know?
  • The Halifax Harbour is one of the deepest and largest natural, ice-free harbours in the world alongside Sydney, Australia and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • Halifax boasts one of the world’s longest waterfront boardwalks. The promenade runs for the 10 city blocks and is visited by 2 million people each year.

  • CNN featured Halifax’ s Central Library, top "10 Eye-Popping New Buildings in 2014".

  • The Fairview Lawn Cemetery has the world's largest collective group of graves from the Titanic tragedy. What's more, the graves are aligned to form the curved "hull" of the ship.
  • The #1-rated Halifax attraction on TripAdvisor is the Halifax Public Gardens , one of the finest surviving examples of a Victorian garden in North America.
  • The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site is the most visited National Historic Site in Canada. The practice of firing a daily "noon gun" began in 1856 and continues to this day.
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Province of Nova Scotia

Unique Experiences!
Nova Scotia is home to some of the most authentic, exclusive and extraordinary coastal experiences in North America.
Fly in a helicopter to a beautifully rugged island in the Atlantic Ocean for an exclusive wine tasting? We’ve got that. Blend your own bottle of custom labelled spirits with an award-winning distiller? We’ve got that. Spend the night in a decked out, glamping yurt underneath the stars on a private island? Yes, we’ve got that too, plus a lot more!
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