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What is Skål International

Skål International is an Association of Travel and Tourism Professionals that encourages and creates a network of contacts
around the world.

It is the only international body uniting all branches of the
travel and tourism industry


Obtain great benefits belonging to the largest professional network in the sector.

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Meetings & Events

Local, National and 
International meetings and conferences to expand your network, business exchange opportunities, and exceptional social experiences.

Connect the Skål Way

Skålleagues across Canada are ready to welcome you and showcase their best experiences!  Discover local hospitality, attractions, social events, unique explorations, and a true Skål  Welcome whenever you visit
members in Canada!

Skål International in numbers

12871 World Membership

Travel and tourism professionals connected globally.

326 Clubs

Clubs around the world.

102 Countries

Connected worldwide.

39 Members

Members of this club network.

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