Skål International honored to participate in important Tourism Forum for the Mediterranean region

Published: May 25, 2022.

The Mediterranean Tourism Foundation (MTF) has honored Skål International World President Burcin Turkkan with an invitation as a speaker at their forthcoming Mediterranean Tourism Forum.

This event will focus on why we need to re-learn how to better use our brains, thinking outside the box is today becoming the moon-shot of our generation.

President Turkkan will join a gathering of leaders of society and other stakeholders holding interests in the diversity of Mediterranean tourism and peace which come together every year to define priorities and shape Mediterranean tourism agendas.

Her participation as speaker in the panel of experts addressing the theme Tourism as a Catalyst for Good, will focus on a discussion which will address key emerging trends and insights from across the industry to identify what may impact the future of tourism, and the role that the industry can play to ensure a transformational future.

I am honored to confirm my participation representing Skål International in this key event for tourism in the Mediterranean region” commented Burcin Turkkan as she expresses her appreciation to Mr. Andrew Agius Muscat, Co-Founder and Secretary General for Mediterranean Tourism Foundation.

This is an event led by the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation, supported by Skål International.