Skål International at MATKA Nordic Travel Fair

MATKA Nordic Travel Fair is the largest travel fair in northern Europe

MATKA Nordic Travel Fair was held at Helsinki Fair Centre from 16-19 January 2020. MATKA is the largest travel fair in northern Europe. In total 68,300 people visited the fair this year. Skål International had once again a barter agreement with MATKA for a stand at ‘Business Forum’ area during the professional day on Thursday 16 January. The stand was manned by Skålleagues from both Turku and Helsinki Clubs.

Susana Saari, former President Skål International

“As the fair is global, we had Skålleagues from all over the world come and greet us”, says Susanna Saari, Former President of Skål International, a member of Skål International Turku.

“It was not as busy as I expected but we still managed to get a rather long list of leads, mostly from Finland, but also interest from countries like Albania and Emirate of Sharjah, whom we hope will help Skål establish in these areas where there are no Clubs yet.”

 Susana Saari, former President Skål International

Skål International representatives at MATKA 2020

President Skål International Turku and International Councillor Ilkka Joukanen,
former President Susanna Saari and President Skål International Stockholm, Björn Arvidson.