January'22 Message from the CEO

Daniela Otero

CEO, Skål International

Predictions for the return of travel in 2022

The way in which we travel has been redefined, with drastic changes leading to a constantly evolving ‘new normal’.

For this reason, Booking.com has recently combined data from a survey carried out in August 2021 with more 24,000 frequent travellers, belonging to 31 different markets, with our own insights and data in order to predict how travel will continue to be redefined in the year 2022.

What we found was a clear indication that we already have an increasingly deep and complex relationship with technology, as well as a greater awareness of the impact of human activity on the planet. These facts stem from the growing trend of remote work and the need, felt by a large share of those surveyed, to connect with a destination’s local community.

We also can anticipate that, in 2022, we will need to make the most of unpredictability and start making up for lost holidays in a big way, as the number of travellers who feel the need to do so has increased by 52% from the previous year.

The predictions of this report reveal how, in 2022, travel will experience a significant surge, along with some traveller preferences:

  • An interesting fact is that 68% of those surveyed would prefer to spend less time on holiday if this meant that they could disconnect completely.

  • Things that were once considered trivial will become synonymous with happiness for three quarters (74%) of those surveyed, who report that travelling is more enjoyable when the journey itself is seen as an integral part of the trip. 

  • More than half of respondents (65%) consider it important that their trip be beneficial to the destination community, while 72% want the money they spend on holiday to have an impact on the local community and 76% are looking for authentic experiences, representative of the culture of the location visited.

  • Finally, travellers will continue to prioritise flexibility, as not losing money (41%), being able to cancel (37%) and the ability to reschedule the trip free of charge (25%) are the three most important priorities for tourists in 2022.

However, we must bear in mind and take on board this important fact: the only thing that will bring us closer to the ‘end of the pandemic’ will be reducing infections and full vaccine coverage across the world. 

Therefore, in order to win the battle against SARS-CoV-2, we must reinforce international action in order to successfully apply these two strategies on a global scale, under the leadership of the WHO.

If you are interested in reading the full report, head to the following link: 

Daniela Otero

CEO, Skål International