International Skål Council Report 2022

The International Skål Council (ISC) is an advisory body to the Executive Committee (EC) and carries out duties given by the EC.

ISC is the link between the EC and the National and Area Committees and keeping all Clubs informed and represented at the EC level.

ISC keeps the Skål International Movement in their countries/clubs and in touch with the working of the organization at international level.

ISC Goal for 2022 is to be inclusive and open Skål International that is in touch with its membership and below are what we will be working towards:

  • Membership Development and Engagement. 

  • Using Technology through the Digital Transformation to work towards doing business together.

  • Assist Clubs and support Club effected by the Covid Pandemic.

  • Mentorship through Training and Education and relook at Exchange Program.

  • Partnership with Organizations such as UFTA, IATA and Tourism Boards in line with our goal of Global Tourism.

  • Complete the Restructuring to the ISC.

  • The Sustainability Awards and its role to our membership.

The ISC will be working in conjunction with EC as this is important so that we align our roles and portfolios.

ISC Board Roles and Responsibility

ISC President

Julie Dabaly Scott 

Responsible for organizing and reporting on Council Meetings as per the ISC Operations Manual.

Representing Council on the Executive Board.

Membership Engagement for Africa, Asia and The Middle East.

ISC Senior Vice President

Jean-François Coté

Innovation and Technology.

Work with Senior EC VP and CEO on Membership Development Funds (MDF) for Club funding.

Membership Engagement for Canada, North America, Mexico, Caribbean, South and Latin America.

ISC Junior Vice President

Asuman Tariman

Promoting and Representing Florimond Volckaert Fund (FVF) and Membership Development Fund (MDF).

Digital Transformation | Young Skål Professionals.

Membership Engagement for Europe and Turkey.

ISC Secretary

Bimbo Durosinmi-Etti  

PR and Communications.

Membership Engagement for Africa and Asia.

The ISC Board and the Councillors are looking forward to a great 2022.

We look forward to working with the newly elected Skål International EC, our CEO and Secretariat towards the success of Our Organization, as we promote Global Tourism and Friendship and uniting all sectors of the Tourism Industry. 

In Friendship, Skål!

Julie Dabaly Scott

International Skål Council President 2022