August'21 Message from the CEO

We continue to experience challenging times in the tourism industry around the world.

That is why we must work together, and more than ever, practice the cohesion that our organisation offers us under our motto of 'Doing business among friends.'

As CEO of Skål International, together with Bill Rheaume, world president of the organisation, we would like to express our thanks and support to all members who, despite all the difficulties over the past two years, remain loyal to Skål International, its principles. The leadership is given to continue to empower their membership within the tourism industry after more than 87 years of working for our members, which is the essence of this organisation.

Our job is to dedicate ourselves to improving all aspects of Skål International that affect all our members.

We are therefore working intensively on global projects to increase the visibility of our brand, as well as on other internal projects to improve and optimise all the resources available to us, both at a digital level, with the technological modernisation project of recent years, and at an administrative and governance level.

The essence of Skål International, its raison d'être, is the people who make it up. The thousands of tourism professionals are associated with a common interest of collaboration and business promotion in Skål International.

Our organisation is not a company, nor is it a group of companies or destinations.

Skål International is a collective of tourism industry professionals who network and provide professional contacts in more than 100 countries worldwide in the travel and tourism sector.

We provide Skål International members with accurate and up-to-date industry training and information (Skål Resource Centre), with networking opportunities and an extensive international network (Skål International Data Base) with help and support in difficult times (Florimond Volckaert Fund) or with a whole range of unique benefits for members only (WTTC's Safe Travels Stamp, Members Benefits, etc.).

Our commitment to the tourism industry, our affiliations, and our partnerships with other prestigious entities in the sector are to benefit all our members and the positioning of Skål International as part of the larger tourism industry ecosystem from a people's perspective.

This is our differential value. Membership. We should be proud of it.

Our organisation is open to change. Changes that improve processes, relationships between members, visibility, and networking opportunities between professionals.

We can all help. Working at the local and national level in each club or National/Area Committee undoubtedly improves our organisation. Remember that Skål International is you.

Both President Bill Rheaume and I, your CEO, work for all of you with determination and leadership, focusing on the people who form Skål International.

We encourage you to contact us with any new or exciting initiative or suggestion you may have. Our job is to support you and help you in any way we can.

To do so, please send an email to with the subject' Suggestions for the future of Skål International.

We are at your disposal.

Thank you.

Bill Rheaume

Skål International President

Daniela Otero

CEO Skål International